Starbucks' Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, Now Available In Muffin Form


Let's be real: who hasn't taken a swig of a caffeinated milkshake Starbucks Frappuccino and thought, "damn, this would be amazing if I could eat it?" Not to worry, Starbucks Hong Kong hears your inner voice loud and clear.


Coinciding with the return of its Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino — a blend of bitter matcha powder and frapp base topped with sweet red beans — Starbucks's Red Bean Green Tea Muffin looks a bit like a mossy hill covered in oversized mushrooms. We can only presume the two are meant to be enjoyed together, though with that many calories, maybe we should have gone with a cake pop or macaron instead?

Eh, on second thought, we'd rather have our milkshake muffin.