How Starbucks Almost Leaked The Next Big Pokemon GO Update, Also PokeFrappes Are Coming


As the Pokemon GO craze hits a pretty drastic low from Niantic's initial launch last July, the company has been quietly working to integrate the newest batch of creatures in interesting ways.

Some reportedly leaked documents from a few days ago suggest that Starbucks was working with the company to push a major launch of the newest set of Pocket Monsters.



Looks like the company is trying hard since a majority of fans have dropped off after catching the initial set of creatures from the first generation.

The documents hinted that the launch will release a line of Pokemon GO Frappuccino's called...Pokemon GO Frappuccinos. Essentially, the frappes start with a vanilla bean base, with the addition of black berries and raspberry syrup. The drinks will apparently launch on Thursday, Dec. 8.


According to Forbes, the partnership between the two companies could also potentially lead to every Starbucks location in the United States turning into a PokeStop.

Another interesting coincidence, Niantic said today that a big announcement will come on Dec. 12. Wonder what it could be?