Starbucks Japan's Latest Valentine's Day Frappuccino Is Inspired By Luxurious French Cake

Photo: Starbucks Japan


Starbucks Japan has a reputation for splashy new drinks, especially when it comes to major holidays. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it looks like Japanese consumers will be treated to another decadent drink.

As reported by SoraNews24, the newest Valentine's Day offering is dubbed the Opera Frappuccino, which certainly gives it an air of sophisticated decadence. And rightfully so, as this new Frappuccino takes inspo from French opera cake. It features dark chocolate powder, chocolate chips, almond milk, and a hint of coffee. The real showstopper is the drink's topping, as a special chocolate glacage sauce crowns it and gives off a pristine, glossy shine, while a hint of gold powder dust adds to the allure.

Look for the new Opera Frappuccino to be on Starbucks Japan menus starting February 3.