Stack Up: Free IHOP Short Stacks on National Pancake Day, Feb 5th


Nothing says, "Why the heck are there only 28 days in the month!?" quite like men in tight pants tackling each other, the commercials which will inevitably be better than the game itself, and tiny heart-shaped pieces of sugar-flavored chalk imprinted with outdated massages such as, "Fax Me" and "Luv U." Ahh the joys of February. All joking aside, there is one day to rule them all, and that is February 5th.


Now you may be asking yourself why the 5th day of February is so special, well I have two words for you. Free. Pancakes. Since 2006, IHOP has been honoring its namesake food by giving away a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes to any customer who walks through their doors on National Pancake Day, February 5th. Not only is this a chance to shovel sweet, pillow-like discs of deliciousness in your mouth, but an opportunity to give back. Having raised more than 10 million dollars over the years, IHOP is continuing the tradition, this year by requesting donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and other local charities.