These Brioche Waffles Offer A Uniquely Indulgent Breakfast Experience

Sure, waffles are great. But imagine if the sweetness of Belgian waffles linked up with the richness of buttery brioche bread. It's a concept that's making me want to hit the bed at 6pm just so breakfast can happen already.


Thanks to St. Pierre Bakery, that dream breakfast collab is now a reality with their new Brioche Waffles. St. Pierre is well-known for celebrating Parisian cafe culture through their brioche products, and these waffles practically whisk you away to the City of Light.

What sets St. Pierre Bakery's Brioche Waffles apart from any other waffle is the indulgent nature that its pearl sugar, buttery brioche, and slight waffle crunch contributes to your breakfast experience.

If you're looking to celebrate National Waffle Day this Saturday, March 25, then elevating your waffle game up to these Brioche Waffles should be the move.