This Cafe Serves A Crepe Cake With Too Many Layers To Count

Cake batter, whipped cream, and sugar can be combined to make such glorious things. One glorious thing you’ll find within that book of glorious things is the “Crepe Cake.”

Square Bar Cafe, a tea lounge and pastry shop in San Diego, holds the key to unlocking the amazing flavors of the Crepe Cake. The establishment offers the dessert in Original and Green Tea flavors, and one can either enjoy it alone or atop a vibrant ice cream cone.

The formation of the lip-smacking, sugar-lover’s paradise is the sum of layers upon layers of crispy crepes—with whipped cream in between. One cake equates to a 20 to 30 minute session of dedicated layering.


If that doesn’t have your tongue dripping rainbows, Square Bar also offers colorful bagels, macaroons, and croissants. I truly hope there’s a San Diego near you.

Created in partnership with Square Bar Cafe