Spice Fans Rejoice, Aldi Releases Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Due to the popularity of Aldi's holiday lineup of advent calendars, the grocery store chain decided to come up with its own National Advent Calendar Day on November 2. I guess if you're poppin' like that, you do what you want.


And since Aldi's advent calendars have popped off with fans, the anticipation for them grows exponentially each holiday season. This year, the stand out of the whole lineup is the Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar ($19.99), where spice lovers get to indulge in heat for 24 straight days.

The fiery advent calendar consists of 24 individual .84-ounce bottles of hot sauce, all ranging from a decent kick to the smoldering wrath of the Ghost Pepper.

Fans looking for some daily flames in their advent calendar can purchase on Aldi's website.