Sony Italia Releases PlayStation Pasta Noodles

Photo: Ocado


“Play Your Pasta” is a fun new collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment Italy and premium brand Pasta Garofalo. It’s a limited edition exclusive that’s sure to catch the eye of gamers and foodies alike. Inspired by Playstation’s iconic symbols, the pasta noodles are formed in the same shape and can be a playful conversation starter or a great gift for a pasta-lovin' gamer.

Pasta Garofalo has been making pasta since 1789 in Gragnano, Italy, which is considered the leading producer of pasta in the area. With more than a century of experience, Pasta Garofalo is known for its superior quality semolina, which is carefully crafted by master pasta makers.

According to the press release: “A partnership, the one between SIE Italia and Pasta Garofalo, which symbolizes the junction point between gaming and gastronomy, taste and entertainment, to celebrate the pleasure of sharing, both at the table and in moments of videogame entertainment.”