Birthdays In A Cup: Sonic Now Has Ice Cream Cake Milkshakes


When we were younger, our parents would make us choose between ice cream or cake for dessert. Who asks a kid to choose between two of the sweetest snacks around? Sonic Drive-In has combined the two desserts to create both Ice Cream Cake Cones and Ice Cream Cake Shakes.

Now, no child will ever have to face the heartbreaking decision we had to make growing up.

The Ice Cream Cake items are available in three toppings: Oreo Cake, Vanilla Birthday Cake and Strawberry Shortcake.


Ice cream cake combos have been trending more and more in the last few years. While we probably won't see a deep-fried ice cream cake at Sonic anytime soon, it's nice to see they're stretching their wings a bit.

Though we wouldn't mind an ice cream cake in a corn dog.

Both cones and shakes are available now at participating Sonic locations. A cone runs for about $3.12 and a small shake for $3.45.