How To Make Marshmallow-Stuffed JALAPEÑO S'MORES

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 3.13.18 PM

Our completely inappropriate buddy, Kyle Marcoux, AKA The Vulgar Chef just did some unmentionable things to a jalapeño.

It's not quite what you're thinking, but he did take some peppers and turn them into spicy s'mores.

The vulgar one called them S'moresapeños as he hollowed out his jalapeños, stuffed them with marshmallow cream, dipped them in a graham cracker batter, deep fried them and covered them in chocolate.


Just what you'd expect a jalapeño s'more to look like.

Check out The Vulgar Chef's blog for the NSFW version of this and other mouth-watering recipes. And check out the video of the S'moresapeño below: