SLICED CHOCOLATE Will Change The Way You Eat Everything


Bourbon, a Japanese chocolate company just added one of the coolest slices of confectionary around: Chocolate Slices.

Picture the store-bought slices of cheese you can throw on your sandwiches. That's pretty much what these chocolates look like, RocketNews24 reports. Folks aren't just throwing it on bread, though there's nothing wrong with that. Rather, they're finding pretty sweet ways to play around with the chocolate slices.

This includes throwing them into crepes, cakes and crackers. You can wrap them around strawberries or even drop a fat stack on some pancakes.


Unfortunately Fortunately, you have to commit to bulk bundles of the chocolate when purchasing online. Each minimum order consists of a dozen five-slice packs. At 3,240 yen ($27 USD), you're gonna have to find somewhere to put all that chocolate.

Shouldn't be too difficult.

Photo: Bourbon