Russian Couple Trains A Grizzly Bear To Sit And Eat Dinner With Them


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, overcooked my eggs and put the shower on too hot, but seeing this bear immediately turned things around for me.

A Russian couple did something that sounds straight out of urban legends, as they somehow house-trained a bear, to the point where the grizzly could sit down on the dining room table and enjoy a nice dinner with the couple.

Yuriy Panteleenko found the cub when it was three months old, spent the last 23 years raising it and the payoff has been having a giant, furry family member that can do everyday activities with Panteleenko and his wife Svetlana, according to Daily Mail.


Yes, that means that the 7-foot, 300-pound bear named Stepan, can chill in the dining room, take a sip of tea and look like the happiest sumbitch in the world.

That's like having The Big Show casually having dinner with you every day.

Photos show the bear with his paws on the table, giving Yuriy the most loving look, while Panteleenko gives him a fatherly look, right back.



Even if it's just sipping from a cup, the fact that the bear isn't ripping them apart like Leo in The Revenant, is amazing.

He even plays catch with the family, which is just as awesome as enjoying lunch with the bear. We're doing it wrong here in the US--screw cats and dogs, we need to start raising bears. I'd love to see someone try to break into my house while my pet bear stares him in the face, daring him to do something silly.