Robert Lang Sr., Creator Of The Iconic In-N-Out Double-Double, Has Passed Away At 87

Photo: In-N-Out


If you've ever had the privilege of rolling up to an In-N-Out drive-thru and proudly asked the employee for a Double-Double, you have one man to thank: Robert Lang Senior. At the age of 87, Lang passed away on November 28 surrounded by his family and loved ones due to unknown causes.

From the early age of 19, Lang started behind the counter of the Baldwin Park In-N-Out location before quickly rising through the ranks and becoming the company's youngest manager in its history. When his brother-in-law, Jon Peterson, was tasked with the honor of repainting the menu signs at the Azusa location, Lang suggested adding his favorite to the minimalistic menu: a Double-Double.

Not only was Lang an innovator, he also was a huge cog in the well-oiled machine that makes In-N-Out run as smoothly as it does. Lang was given the opportunity to literally write the book on how to perfect In-N-Out orders and operations and eventually produced the first official In-N-Out employee handbook.


Even his son, Robert Lang Jr., followed in his father's footsteps and spent over 45 years with the company, first behind the counter and retiring from the Executive Vice President role back in 2018.

Lang Sr. is survived by his wife Lynn, his sister Nancy, his four children, eleven grandchildren, and three great-grand children. A beautiful example of how a simple innovation can change the face of a company forever.