Rhett & Link Freak Out After Finding Maggots In Their Old Burrito

I've never let a burrito live for more than 20 minutes, so the concept of a two month old burrito is pretty shocking to me.

YouTube stars Rhett & Link had a corner of their Good Mythical Morning studio where they let a collection of food sit for two whole months. They finally decided to check up on the rotting food and take a look at the damage inflicted.


Most notably, the burritos were disgusting, as they had maggots growing inside of them. The two nut jobs cut the burritos in half, exposing a sour smell and showing a burrito that was mostly still in tact, just in a hardened state and full of creepy crawlies.

Of course, Link freaked the hell out once he discovered the movement inside the burrito:

For the sake of science, Rhett & Link went into several foods such as almond milk-soaked Frosted Mini Wheats, burgers with fries, and a caprese salad.

Not the ideal way to spend your morning, but it sure as hell was entertaining.