Reddit Was Asked To Photoshop This Eggplant And The Results Are Hilarious

Leave it to the Photoshop geniuses/comedians on Reddit to turn a simple vegetable into something hilarious.

Reddit user Pidiotpong uploaded the above photo of an odd eggplant with some stubs coming out of it that look like arms to the popular site. Pidiotpong challenged users to come up with creative Photoshop masterpieces to transform the eggplant, with results being nothing short of epic hilarity.

Turns out the oddly-shaped eggplant fits in perfectly with the McDonald's fam. Who would've thought?

Eggplants could be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. At least in this Reddit user's mind, that is.

Okay, this actually fits the face of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh way too well.

Movies were a common theme for this eggplant to get Photoshopped into, including as a character in Disney's iconic Beauty and the Beast...

the odd green thing in Robin Williams Flubber...


or this eggplant that will never let go.

Apparently, this eggplant can also pass off as a Pokemon.

All of these pictures were ingeniously crafted and downright funny to scroll through. There's a ton more pictures to look up, so take a look for yourself and see which eggplant creations you fancy.

Just don't go for the special eggplant.