Man Beats The Sh*t Out Of His Friend For Refusing Ramen


An overly-aggressive man in Pennsylvania pretty much used his buddy for some UFC ground-and-pound practice after the friend refused to eat his freshly cooked ramen noodles.

This wasn't just some playful shoving, as Brian Douglas Hunter, the hammer-fisted noodle chef, punched his friend in the right eye about 10 to 15 times, according to Brecknock PD in Pennsylvania.

The fight between the two friends reportedly occurred at 11:30 p.m., which is pretty late, and could be the reason the ramen was refused, but whatever the reason, the 20-year-old ramen hater ended up with a 1-inch cut under his eye, along with some bruises.


Unfortunately, there is no footage of the incident, but you have to believe it looked a little like this:

As a general rule, there's always room for ramen. Not saying the guy deserved a beating, just saying, don't turn down ramen.