Put Your $6 Stella in this $500 Swarovski Crystal Chalice


Budding beer snobs are quick to write it off as the "Budweiser of Europe." But sure, let's go ahead and pony up $500 to make our Stella Artois slightly less high-end-piss-watery. In fact, we're getting faint notes of pretentiousness with just a hint of this-is-why-you're-broke.

Supposedly to harken back to the brand's early days as a holiday-special beer, Stella Artois has partnered with Austrian luxury glass company Swarovski to create a limited-edition Stella Artois Crystal Chalice for the holiday season.



According to the press release, each glass is hand-blown and features a platinum rim around the bowl — excellent for laughing at your reflection when you realize you just dropped half a grand on a cup for a beer whose nickname in England is "wife beater."

For that much, we'd expect this glass to be self-chilling and self-cleaning, but, of course, no such luck:


"As with all fine stemware, the Stella Artois Crystal Chalice should be hand-washed only."



The Fancy-Shmancy Swarovski Stella Chalice: $500 @ Fancy