This Pre-Boiled Egg Kit Is Perfect For The Busy, Stoveless And Just Plain Lazy


For those too busy to throw an egg into some hot water, New Egg Company has developed a new product that might be just for you in the form of a pre-boiled egg.

No, it's not a joke. It's a Yowk.

Promising consumers the "perfect soft-boiled" experience, the single-packaged chicken baby is probably one of the most unnecessary things we've seen in a while. All you do is add boiling water to the egg's special container, and in five minutes you have a perfectly soft-boiled egg.


The Yowk package comes with a free-range, pasteurized egg; breadsticks for dipping; an egg-shaped container; and salt and pepper. It also has what they're calling a "spooth," a special shell-cracking spoon.

Seems like they covered all the egg-related bases with this pack.

At £1.49 ($2.23 US), expect to find the instant-egg on UK shelves by the end of May. The Yowk's targeted demographic seems to be the busiest of families and professionals who have no time for remedial cooking.