Postmates' Holiday Gifts Are Here To Save The Procrastinator In All Of Us

There's absolutely nothing more frustrating and annoying that going Christmas shopping in December. It's a fact. Sure, the malls are delightfully decorated, and there's usually some good sales going on, but there's only a very short, limited amount of time you can endure the barrage of people before you lose your mind.

Plus, the shopping never ends, and the stress becomes incredibly overwhelming. What if you're invited to a Christmas party at the last minute and don't have any small gifts to take the host? Or how about if you just suddenly remembered that you forgot to get a gift for your great aunt's new husband's cousin? Are you really going to brave the malls on the last few days leading up to Christmas?


Yeah, I didn't think so... but Postmates will.

Postmates just launched a Holiday Gift Guide just in time for Christmas, allowing users to get last-minute gifts delivered anywhere in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. Their gift ideas include delicate macarons from Ladurée, aromatic coffee beans from Alfred Coffee, fashionable sunglasses from Illesteva, and even a luxurious milk & honey whipped body butter from Kiehl's.

There's pretty much anything for anybody, and with a limited amount of choices, shopping just got infinitely easier.


Plus, if you order anything off their Holiday Gift Guide, you'll receive 3 months of Postmates Unlimited that lets you get free delivery from any restaurant. So it's really more of a gift for yourself than anybody else, but nobody has to know that.

But if you still can't find anything your picky receiver would like on the Holiday Gift Guide, or if you live outside of SF, LA, or NY, nobody would ever turn down a Postmates gift card or a bottle of alcohol from their Drinks Selection. Trust me.