BLAZIN' HOT CHEEZ BALLS Confirmed As One Of Snack's First Ever New Flavors

For '90s fans, Cheez Balls were a staple of snack time. The snack is iconic for its signature cheddar-like test and bright orange color, a single product that hasn't changed since its debut. However, for the first time ever, Planters has decided to give the iconic cheesy balls a slew of new flavors.

Product photos courtesy of Planters

Throughout the course of 2020, Planters will be debuting 4 new flavors of Cheez Balls that will be launched at stores nationwide. The first two, White Cheddar and Nacho Cheez, are available now.


The next flavor up will be Blazin' Hot, which is Planters' way of getting in on the viral popularity of items like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Blazin' Hot Cheez Balls, which have the same bright-red hue as the hot Cheetos, will be launching in April 2020.

Sometime later this year, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheez Balls will also be dropping across the country.

All of these new flavors come just a couple of years after Cheez Balls themselves returned to stores following a decade-long absence. It's clear that the nostalgia and popularity of these has inspired Planters to not just let the cheesy puffs stick around, but to innovate new flavors for them as well.