There's a Heartwarming Reason Why This Pizza Place Is Littered with Post-its


At Rosa's Fresh Pizza, owner Mason Wartman is dolling out more than just fresh hot pizza at $1 a slice, he's facilitating pizza for the less fortunate.

Here he is, snacking on a slice himself:


His shop's vibe is simple: guarantee a slice of fresh, hot pizza for all customers.


It wasn't until last year that everything changed. Mason noticed a paying customer buying a slice for a homeless person which quickly turned into his new business model.

After obliging that inspirational customer by accepting the extra dollar as credit for another slice, Wartman ran out and bought Post-it notes to stick to the wall -- signifying a slice was already purchased.

This is what his wall looks like now:


Now whenever someone hungry comes in, they can just pull a Post-it off the wall and use it to grab a slice. Must keep this guy and his team pretty busy:



The notes on the wall are full of good fortune and are inspiring to look at.

Some Post-its read "Yum Yum!! (= Enjoy," others read "Free Pizza <3 from Spain." Larger form "thank you" notes make the board as well, like this one from someone who claims Rosa's helped get them back on their feet:


If you're hungry and in the area, might want to swing by Rosa's and grab a slice. Then grab one for someone else.