Pizza Hut's New Revamped Menu Features A Curry Crust and Sriracha Drizzle


Earlier today, we reported that Pizza Hut is planning a major overhaul of its menu and overall look. Now we've been aware that Pizza Hut had been working on some secret menu items for some time, but it looks like the chain has officially announced its plans for the foreseeable future.

Pizza Hut has officially announced its new rebranding direction and it looks pretty bomb. The relauching event has been titled "Flavor of Now" and will begin Wednesday, Nov. 19. While the chain will still feature Pizza Hut classics like Meat Lover's, Supreme and Stuffed Crust, that pretty much where the old menu ends.



The new Pizza Hut will now feature 10 choices of crusts including: Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Ginger Boom Boom,  Get Curried Away, Toasted Cheddar, Garlic Buttery Blend, Fried Red Pepper Toasted Asiago and Hut Favorite (we're guessing this is original).

A new batch of "premium" ingredients will include classic meatball, sliced banana peppers, fresh spinach, premium salami and Peruvian cherry peppers.


Because these days there needs to be some kind of extra layer of sauce on a pie, Pizza Hut is offering four types of Drizzles you choose from for those opposed to a dry slice. Customers can get honey sriracha, barbecue, buffalo and balsamic.

For the calorie watchers, a new menu of Skinny Crusts will also be available for order.


Now, only time will tell whether or not this change up will be a successful one. Though if it's anything like Domino's attempt at rebranding, then Pizza Hut might just do OK.