Pizza Hut Offers Large Pizzas for $5.55 to Celebrate 55th Birthday Bash


Pizza Hut is turning 55, so now through June 15th, they're running a carry-out special of large one-topping pizzas for $5.55.  After all, what kind of birthday cake is better than cheap pizza?

This deal holds true for Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza, and its Thin ‘N Crispy and Hand-Tossed crusts. Seems like Pizza Hut's catering to the starving college kids' need to satisfy their munchies on a budget. We dig it.


I guess it's time to crank out the candles then -- all 55 of them -- and ring in this momentous birthday with gooey, cheesy goodness instead of the boring, too-cold ice cream cake.  Because let's be real, no one enjoys anything more than an economical, greasy pizza purchase on a whim.