One Of The Internet's Most Inventive Chefs Created A PIZZA BURGER MOZZARELLA Stick


Mozzarella sticks are the unsung heroes of appetizers. The deep-fried sticks of dairy serve as a precursor to an awesome meal or as an awesome meal themselves. What if there was a way to improve on the simple cheese and breading?

Our pal, The Vulgar Chef, created an ingenious new variation of the iconic mozzarella stick. Taking a mozzarella roll, he stuffed it with ground beef, pepperoni and wrapped the cheese around it. The roll is then thrown into egg wash and breaded.


Here's the best part,  before going into the deep fryer, the giant cheese stick is dusted with Hot Cheetos. What comes next is a Pizza Burger Mozzarella Stick.

Check out the video below for more details on how to make this beefy, cheesy beast.