Pizza Hut Officially Announces Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust Pizza


Pizza Hut has announced that they'll be releasing the new Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut teased that something big was coming. Referencing the infamous hot dog-stuffed crust pizzas found at Pizza Hut UK, Australia and South Korea locations, the pizza chain told loyal customers to keep an eye out on June 18.

Looks like it's official.


The pie will be available as a large one-topping and feature a crust made from 28 bite-sized hot dogs. Each mini hot dog can be dipped into a free side of French's mustard. While it's not as crazy as some of the international offerings, we're pretty excited just to get a variation here in the US.

Baby steps, guys.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza is available for $11.99 at all participating Pizza Hut locations in the US starting on June 18.