Papa John's Debuts Confusing 'Papa Bowls', a Bowl of Just Pizza Toppings

Photo: Papa John's


I don't know what focus groups Papa John's got feedback from when researching for their new Papa Bowls, but I'm sure it was a confused bunch that lead to bad data. Has to be. Because nothing will convince me to shell out the $7.99 it costs for a bowl of just pizza toppings.

And that's what Papa John's new Papa Bowls literally are, just a sad bowl of pizza toppings. It's like in some nebulous purgatory between salad and pasta. Why do the ingredients have to suffer just because there's always that one friend that inhales uncertainty and exhales indecision?

For those curious, the Papa Bowls come in three varieties: Garden Veggie, Chicken Alfredo and Italian Meats Trio. Go give it a try to see just how much you'll miss and long for an actual pizza.