Oscar Mayer Renames Its Iconic Weinermobile

Photo: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile is no more. That's because the iconic hot dog brand is changing its signature vehicle’s name for the first time since it first hit the road in 1936. 


The newly named “Frankmobile” pays homage to the brand’s 100% beef franks as it debuts a new recipe with a more balanced flavor profile and beefy taste.

Oscar Mayer’s fleet of six vehicles feature new elements like exterior decals, Frank Whistles (formerly Wiener Whistles) and a newly renamed class of drivers behind the wheel — now known as Frankfurters. The Frankmobile is also offering “Franks for Franks,” so anyone named an iteration of “Frank” can stop by to get a coupon for a free pack of Oscar Mayer 100% beef franks.

“The Wienermobile is a beloved American icon that has been sparking smiles and driving craveability for our iconic delicious wieners for nearly 100 years,” said Stephanie Vance, Associate Brand Manager, Oscar Mayer. “This summer, it’s time to highlight another fan-favorite: our delicious 100% Beef Franks.”