Meet the Sexual Wellness Brand Selling CBD Honey-Infused Sex Products

Self-proclaimed "cannagastic" sex products brand, OoYes!, is a new female-founded, cannabinoid-infused sexual wellness line. Cannagastic is a term I can only imagine means an orgasmic experiences from cannabis consumption. The company was launched by Tanya Griffin, who previously focused on growth management within the cannabis industry before launching her dream business — a sex brand. 

OoYes! hopes to not only enhance your sexual life, but also to promote sexual health and positivity. Each of their products are made using natural botanical ingredients combined with minor and major cannabinoids, CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). To sweeten the deal, OoYes! adds their “secret sauce”: BeeFused honey along with terpenes.


Using their patented BeeFused technology, oOYes!’s products keep things innovative for sticky situations. The nectarous tech is made possible by free range bees that feed on nectar made from hemp-derived cannabinoids, cannabis strains, and superfoods to create fully customized raw honey, which is highly-bioavailable and cannabinoid-rich.

The packaging sports a sleek and sexy retro-70s nostalgia that’s sustainably made using premium, hand-blown, miron (uv ultra-violet) glass that protects your goods from sunlight. Each is also travel-sized, making them perfect for a bit of spontaneity. 


With eight products to test your kink, your sex life is sure to be the opposite of boring. From the spicy herbal blend in Dry Mouth Lozenges to the potent drip of Tantric Honey, you also have the option of purchasing a $69 oOBox Bundle that comes in three variations of three products each.

You can take a dive into the honeypot today by visiting oOYes!’s online shop.

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