Insane Grilled Cheese Competitive Eating Competition Offers Tomato Soup Instead Of Water


Foodbeast is gearing up to host the first-ever Oozefest on Saturday, Oct. 10. The cheese-filled festival will take place in downtown Santa Ana and we're throwing an epic grilled cheese eating competition. It wouldn't be a festival without one.

Competitive eaters, social media celebs, or anyone with a THIRST for grilled cheese, we're calling you out. Instead of dipping your cheesy sandwiches in water, we're gonna be serving tomato soup for you to moisten your throats with.


Only EIGHT spots are available and they're filling up quick. If you're interested in stuffing your face with grilled cheese, hit up for more details.

The competition will take place in Oozefest's 2nd session (6PM - 9PM). The first session (1PM - 4PM) will have us setting the world record for the largest stack of grilled cheese. Noms will be provided Slaters 50/50, Stockyard Sandwich Co., Grits Fullerton, Iron Press, Dos Chinos and a ton more.