Hate Crime At Popular Night Market Results In Brutal Beating Of Asian Man

Sometimes, people just take their hatred and anger way too far.

This past weekend at the Orange County Night Market in Southern California, a Caucasian suspect and a couple of his female companions tried to cut an unnamed Asian man in line to buy drinks from one of the vendors. When the victim refused to let them cut, a confrontation broke out in which one of the girls made comments about how the Asian man should "go back to Asia," along with comments about eating dogs.  Eventually, the offending trio were escorted off of the property by Night Market staff.


It could have ended there and this wouldn't have been the story it is now. Instead, some of the victim's friends recounted on Facebook that the white male and his two friends waited until he left the night market, followed him to his car, then beat him in the parking lot. He was then rushed to the ER with lacerations to the face and multiple teeth knocked out.

While the victim is expected to make a full recovery, he did need stitches and will require dental service that he cannot afford as a result of this horrendous hate crime. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to help the victim pay for his medical and dental bills that he incurred simply for not letting some individuals cut him in line.


The attackers are being described as one male Caucasian who is about 6'3" and around 20 years old with tattoo sleeves who drives a four-door black sedan. No information has been given about the females except that they were Caucasian.

Anyone with information about this hate crime incident is encouraged to contact the Costa Mesa Police Department.