NUDAKE Makes the Quirkiest Ads for Their Designer Desserts 

Photo: @nu_dake

NUDAKE is an artistic dessert concept by designer eyewear brand GENTLE MONSTER. Originating in South Korea, GENTLE MONSTER focuses on experiential retail by creating fully immersive shopping experiences. A recent opening in Shanghai, China suitably titled Haus Shanghai, involved a six-legged walking robot, horses with mechanical tails, and even a giant moving robot face. Looking to further explore the world of experiential retail, GENTLE MONSTER has taken their unique approach to the world of desserts. 

Their latest design venture, NUDAKE, is a quirky yet gourmet dessert bakery whose offerings look more like pieces of art. From a creamy cloud looking carrot cake to their latest seasonal fruit extravagance the Picnic Cake, these delicious sweets aren’t for faithful traditionalists.

To help immerse followers fully into their design aesthetic, NUDAKE creates wildly imaginative commercials which are equal parts curious, offbeat, and funny. Below, I’ve put together a list of my favorites that are sure to flip your expectations upside down.



The seasonal fruit ‘Picnic’ cake is composed of a multi-grain bread basket filled with almond cream, topped with cream cheese and finished with green and red grapes that packs a sweet, nutty and creamy taste. With its unique bread basket structure, one might not know how to take the first bite. Thankfully, the commercial clearly recommends the “fingers-first” approach. 


NUDAKE’s Cauli Cake looks like an artistic vegetable medley. Arranged to resemble a cloud, fresh and crunchy cauliflower is used to top a secret sweetness while spears of asparagus shoot from the center. Hidden beneath the veggie exterior is a sweet explosion of delectable carrot cake with cream cheese and saffron icing. 



In honor of the holiday season, NUDAKE created a Christmas Edition based on their signature Peak Cake. The Peak Christmas Edition features a crisp, flakey and buttery pastry with pure white mascarpone-based cream. Sheep candles and herbs decorate this rich and tasty dessert, serving as its cherry on top. The super creative commercial above was inspired by a playlist curated by Closet Yi.



Reminiscent of a sushi bar, this commercial previews NUDAKE’s fig terrine, made to perfectly accompany any meal. The fig terrine offers a sweet and salty bite, enhanced by flavors of rosemary sable, rare cheese cream, soft dried figs and grapefruit lime gel. Surprisingly enough, it also pairs nicely with tea or wine. 


NUDAKE creates what looks like a mascarpone jacuzzi in this artsy commercial for their Colosseo. Featuring the crunchy texture of a black cocoa crust combined with the sweet yet gentle flavors of mascarpone filling, the Colosseo is an unassuming yet stylish cheesecake delicacy.

Currently, these unique sweets are only available in select countries in Asia, so the rest of us will have to satisfy our sweet tooth using our imagination.