Nguyen Coffee Launches First Ready to Drink Canned Vietnamese Coffee Cold Brew


Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and yet the nation has yet to make a pronounced mark in the specialty coffee arena. That is until now, with Nguyen Coffee Supply launching the first ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffee cold brew.

As the leading artisans of the Robusta bean, Vietnam as a country has its own unique coffee culture. Whether locals are enjoying a convenient cà phê sữa đá on the side of the street or sipping on drip in a trendy shop, coffee fuels their lives.

The bean itself is higher in caffeine content and lower in fats and sugars. What's more, the farming practices used to harvest the bean are more sustainable and use fewer pesticides.


Despite the industry's stigma against Robusta beans entering the specialty coffee space, Nguyen Coffee has set out to advance the narrative, enlighten consumers and broaden the coffee conversation. With aim to boost the buoyant Robusta bean and bring Vietnamese coffee to commonality, Nguyen Coffee is pleased to disrupt the ready-to-drink market with this fearless product deviation.

The ready-to-drink Classic Black Cold Brew is made with 100% natural ingredients, with no sugar added and is dairy free, vegan and gluten free. It is the first of its kind in the United States with the beans being directly imported from Vietnam. An extensive part of the Nguyen Coffee's objective is to increase economic advancement for Vietnamese farmers all while constructing a diverse and inclusive coffee culture for all.

Nguyen Coffee is establishing the next wave of beverage experience with this specialty on-the-go cà phê.