How This 14-Year-Old Makes $1,500 A Night Eating Noodles On Camera


Photo: Business Insider

The South Korean trend of mukbang typically features a single person chowing on a ton of food and streaming the process across the Internet. The term "mukbang" combines eating and broadcast together. Because a large amount of people in South Korea live alone, Mukbang has become a way for those individuals to pass the time while they eat.


One 14-year-old in particular, BJ Patoo, actually makes money practicing mukbang, Business Insider reports. Through the streaming platform Afreeca TV, viewers can send BJ "star balloons" which are worth about 10 cents each. BJ then exchanges them for cash.

On average, he makes $1,500 a night.

While watching him eat, viewers can also chat with him and others watching the stream. It creates a sense of community for those eating alone.


Maybe we're in the wrong kind of food business. Or maybe we should get this kid to join the team.

14-year-old makes up to $1,500 a night eating dinner in front of a webcam in South Korea.

Posted by Business Insider on Saturday, September 12, 2015