No One Asked For Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot But Here We Are

MTN DEW has long been known as a beverage brand that takes risks. For a brand who's most recent new flavor was birthday cake and one that also created MTN DEW-infused hot sauce, it's evident that The Dew is not afraid. Now what can out-weird the latest coming out of The Dew labs? Enter MTN DEW Flamin' Hot.


Yes, that Flamin' Hot.

This new mashup of flavors sounds like it was created by a 7th grader and I really do mean that in the most endearing way possible. I mean who in middle school wasn't eating a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and washing it down with MTN DEW?

But to make an actual drink out of the sweet and spicy union? I doubt anybody really asked for it, but here we are, wondering how to get our first sips.

And since nostalgia usually tastes great, fans and curious one alike can look forward to MTN DEW Flamin' Hot hitting virtual shelves on August 31, only at the DEW Store, though for a limited time only.