Mtn Dew Gets Dark And Fancy With A New Craft Soda

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Mountain Dew is known for its bright green, red, and even blue-colored sodas, but it looks like they're taking a darker route for their latest creation.

Mountain Dew Black Label is the name of this fancy craft soda and it's made with a "Crafted Dark Berry," real sugar and herbal bitters.

While a national release is scheduled for 2016, the craft soda has been spotted in select college campuses, with the idea of getting them in over 600 by the end of fall.


As we saw with their terrifying Dewritos, Mountain Dew likes testing new things like this at colleges.

Mountain Dew also likes using Foodbeast as guinea pigs and sent us some in a very important looking briefcase. Check out the very awkward video of us trying out the new soda:


FOODBEAST MAILBAG: OPENING A package from Mountain Dew (we think)

Posted by Foodbeast on Monday, September 21, 2015

In a cheesy press release, Dew said this soda is, 'For those times when Dew Nation wants to unwind – but with a touch of class."

So it's like scotch – except it's not scotch.

It's a bummer they didn't go with "Code Black" as a name, but I guess Black Label sounds a little classier. Plus it'll make people say, "Did Mountain Dew just team up with Johnnie Walker?"