The Touching Reason Mister Rogers Always Fed His Fish Out Loud

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood just celebrated its 50th anniversary this week, and Chrissy Teigen reminded us all the heartwarming reason Mr. Fred Rogers made sure to vocally announce that he was feeding his fish.

Apparently, the reason he'd always prioritize the fish feeding, was because he received a letter from a blind viewer who would worry if Mr. Rogers forgot to feed the fish. Rogers documented this in his book called, "Dear Mister Rogers, Does it Ever Rain in Your Neighborhood? Letters to Mister Rogers."

After that, it was part of his daily routine to feed the fish, and he made sure to emphasize the feeding so his young fans did not worry.

He even explained it during an episode, and sang a song called "I like to take care of you":


If there was ever any question that he was one of the most influential voices of our childhood, this should put that to rest. The man was a sweet legend, and made sure everybody — even his fish — ate.