Move Over Cat People, a Dog Cafe Could Be on Its Way

dog cafe

Crazy cat people can take a back seat, as dog lovers hope to finally have a cafe of their own where they can enjoy the company of a furry companion while drinking a caramel macchiato.

According to LA Weekly, the Dog Cafe, yes, they didn't really get too creative with the name, is hoping to open up in Los Angeles. The main objective of this cafe is similar to what the popular cat cafes have brought; an opportunity for customers to adopt the shelter pets surrounding the restaurant.


The cafe has started a campaign and is trying to raise $200,000 by February 5 to open up its doors in the City of Angels.

Many might be familiar with the Lazy Dog Cafe, where you can dine with your pet in the patio area, but that's only a bite size of what the Dog Cafe is going to be. At the Dog Cafe, you get the perks of being surrounded by dogs in an indoor setting with unlimited petting opportunities at your disposal. If you fall in love, you have the chance to take one home with you.

In order to accommodate the Health Department's guidelines, they will technically have two side-by-side locations at the cafe, one where you get the drinks, and another where the dogs can roam and be cuddled down.


The coffee at the restaurant will be provided by Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co. and they'll donate 20 percent of their profits to local shelters.

Of course you're going to have to deal with the smell of dog urine while you drink your coffee, but, hey, puppies!