Dipping Pizza In Milk Is The Internet's Latest Gross Food Trend

Following the disgusting debate of whether pineapples belong on pizza or not (they don't), the internet has found a new way to ruin pizza: dipping it in milk.

Twitter user @hyrulecitizen posted the above image as a counter to the pineapple on pizza debate going around the internet, claiming that it was "WAYYYY better" than pineapple on pizza. Since then, a new point of contention has launched about this new combo. I've seen and heard everybody from country radio stations to the Fine Brothers' show, "Adults React," giving their thoughts about this zany concept.

While anything is clearly a lot better than putting pineapple on pizza, the notion of dipping pizza into milk is appalling. First off, the grease from the pizza pools into the milk to create some vile sludge. Not only that, you're basically just biting into soggy pizza. Gross.


Apparently, not everybody thinks so, as the trend of dunking pizza slices into milk is taking off.

Some sane people do exist, fortunately, and are disturbed at the idea of such a combination.


Sorry internet, but if you're going to offer a "superior alternative" to pineapple on pizza, at least come correct and invent a combination that's actually tasty. This garbage doesn't count.