Milk Bar is Serving Up a 10 INCH Peaches and Cream Cookie Cake

Milk Bar, the NYC bakery famous for their wild creations like cereal milk soft serve, is serving up a new version of their Compost Cookie Pie. This time, they’re giving it a southern spin, with the new Peaches & Cream Cookie Pie. 

For the uninitiated, the Compost Cookie Pie is, as the name suggests, a giant cookie packed with an assortment of ingredients, from potato chips to coffee. 

The new one’s ingredients are a bit more subdued, but equally as delicious. Layers of white chocolate chips, dried peach bits, and milk crumbs are incorporated into to a 10-inch wide sugar cookie which is then drizzled with a peach jam and more white chocolate.  


Peaches? Check. 

Cream? Check. 

A cookie double the size of your head? Check.

Unfortunately, this is just a test item for the time being. Milk Bar will only be selling this for a limited time. If you want to try this diabolically sweet creation, it’s available for order online at until August 19th.