Mezcal Makers Start A Guerilla Campaign Calling Donald Trump A 'Pendejo'


Donald Trump made quite a few enemies in the latino community after some making controversial remarks toward Mexican immigrants.

The Trump backlash continues as Ilegal Mezcal, a small Guatemalan-based Mezcal producer with a big voice, has hit the streets of Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, posting signs that read, "Donald, eres un pendejo" which loosely translates into, "Donald, you're a jack ass."


According to Eater, the idea was born after Ilegal Mezcal’s founder, John Rexer, had an interaction with a Mexican waiter in New York City. Rexer shared his love for the Mexican state of Puebla, and the waiter said, "It’s good to know everybody is not like Donald Trump." The waiter then uttered the phrase, "Donald, eres un pendejo," which inspired Rexer.

The signs can be seen in about 100 different locations throughout Los Angeles, New York City and Miami, and Rexer told Eater he plans to to make even bigger posters and place them in more highly visible areas.



The Mezcal makers also have shirts of their Donald Trump-inspired phrase with sales going toward NYSYLC, an undocumented youth-led organization.

If you live in those major cities, you might want to get used to seeing Trump's mug everywhere.

h/t eater, picthx ilegal mezcal