Watch This Thief Pull Out An Impossible Amount Of Meat From His Pants [WATCH]

Being a former Kroger supermarket employee, I've seen my fair share of shoplifters trying to casually walk out with carts full of groceries, or slipping Kit-Kat bars in their pockets, but this guy's technique is at a master level, except for the fact that he still got caught.

A video shows a man being questioned by a store employee before eventually revealing the meat he was packing inside his pants, literally.

The man reached into his crotch, and pulled out three racks of packaged ribs, and several packages of what looked like beef cuts.

Think about that again, he had THREE RACKS of ribs hidden in his baggy sweats, like his pants were a black hole of meat storage. It's almost identical to the scene in The Mask where he gets arrested in the park and they keep pulling out random props from his pockets:


It was like Wakko from The Anamaniacs, just hiding impossible things within his coat:

Whatever the case, he got caught and probably had his weekend barbecue ruined.