McDonald's Will Finally Try To Serve McGriddles All Day


When McDonald's announced that it was finally doing all-day breakfast, we thought there was a misprint as the McGriddle wasn't visible in the list of all-day items. Turns out McDonald's consciously omitted the the popular pancake-bunned from the all-day breakfast goodness.

As my colleague Sean Fahmy put it, forgetting to put the McGriddle in their all-day breakfast menu was comparable to Kevin McCallister's family forgetting him in Home Alone.


McDonald's has seen the error in its ways and plans to add the McGriddle to the all-day menu in 72 Tulsa, Oklahoma stores starting Feb. 1, according to the Associated Press.

The real struggle with incorporating the McGriddle involves kitchen space and trying to make it all work with not just the current all-day breakfast setup, but also the lunch menu taking up most of the kitchen.

Although the transition might be too difficult to sustain nationwide, we can at least hope and root for Oklahoma to figure it out so we can all shove McGriddles down our throats in the middle of the night.