Brilliant 'McFry' Recipe Involves Dicing Up McDonald's Cheeseburger

They're called McFries and it's not exactly what it sounds like. Instagram culinary genius and #foodbeast henchman Tym Bussanich turned an entire McDonald's Cheeseburger into french fries -- and it's easy AF to do.

First, he flattened a Cheeseburger with a rolling pin. Then he diced them up:


Then he hit the strips with an individual egg wash, bread crumbs and sunk them into the deep fryer. Yeah, you're looking at french fries that are stuffed with meat, cheese, pickles and onions. GAME. CHANGER:




This guy Tym is one to watch out for. If you're looking for more of his crazy recipes, make sure to check out the onion ring he stuffed with a burger patty or his grilled cheese dunkers.