McDonald's Singapore Gets Lychee-Chocolate Frappe and Clementine Orange Mouse Cake


Alright, McDonald's US, you're doing something wrong. At least, that's the case when McDonald's Singapore is decking out their menu with Litchi Coco Frappes and Clementine Orange Mousse Cake. Yes, Clementine. Mousse. Cake. Who even knew those words were possible on a fast food menu?


The new Litchi Coco Frappe is the latest addition to their McCafé line-up and brings together the flavors of lychee with ice-blended chocolate. As one of our favorite fruits, we're incredibly disappointed that we're not sitting pretty in Singapore right now. For a limited-time, the Clementine Orange Mousse Cake will also be available. The sweet treat layers orange mousse embedded with orange slices and orange-flavored cake. Probably just the thing you were craving to nibble on with your lychee-flavored icee.  Probably.

Picthx McDonald's Singapore