McDonald's Hong Kong Has a Batman Burger and Cheese Fries

batman mcd

This might be the best McDonald's promotion of all time. Because it's Batman!

As part of a Justice League "Superhero Meal" promotion, McDonald's Hong Kong released a commercial featuring the caped crusader and his "Dark Knight"-themed menu items.

The Diner Double Beef Batman Burger and Squeezy Cheese Fries are the new items featured in the video. They're both encased in heroic Batman-shaped boxes.


The Batman Burger is essentially a double cheeseburger with a fried egg added to it. The Squeezy Cheese Fries are just cheese fries, but they're in a Batman box!

When McDonald's Romania released mozzarella bites, it was cool. McDonald's Japan released Sweet Red Bean Pies, and it was cute. However, Batman burgers top everything and absolutely better make their way to the United States.

H/T Eater