McDonald’s Decides Upgraded ‘Dollar Menu’ Can Cost, Like, $2 - $5


Technically they’re calling it the “Dollar & More” menu, but that’s kind of cop-outty, right? Technically, everything costs a dollar “& more,” from a .65 cent chicken wing after you include tax and tip, to that $3.99 Quarter Pounder BLT. (The “& more” is really only there so no one’s outright lying.)

Still, for the sake of transparency, McDonald’s has been testing a new “Dollar & More” menu in five U.S. markets as an alternative to the chain’s existing Dollar Menu and “Extra Value” menu. The upgraded version would feature three price points of around $1, $2 and $5 and come as a response to rising ingredient costs, according to the Associated Press.

No word on if and when the new menu would get a national roll-out, but Neil Golden, the chief marketing officer for McDonald’s, told AP that tests have been largely positive so far. Our only suggestion is that instead of breaking the tiers up by price, they be organized according to the number of days since last payday. If we’re penny-pinching at McDonald’s of all places, it really only makes sense.


H/T Consumerist, AP + PicThx McIllinois