McDonald’s Is Taking Wraps Off The Menu For Good


McDonald's is getting rid of their wraps. It seems the item hasn't been doing well with McDonald's customers, Bloomberg reports. Because of stagnant sales, the fast food chain has eliminated the item from store menus.

McWraps were originally intended to attract McDonald's younger patrons looking to eat something healthy. Y'know, the millennials.

Unfortunately, they were too time-consuming for employees. Twenty seconds alone account for the steaming of the tortilla. Then, the chicken had to be cooked. It really slowed down production time.


Apparently, all-day breakfast has also contributed to the fall of the McWraps. It seems when you can get a Sausage McMuffin with Egg at 3pm, the desire for a McWrap goes out the window.

Hopefully McDonald's next healthy addition fares a little better with customers.

Photo: McDonald's Facebook