McDonald's Quietly Opened a Cafe with Healthier Options, No Big Macs


It's called "The Corner."

Upon first glance, no one would put together that this low-key health food establishment could ever be tied to the fast food empire of McDonald's. It doesn't incorporate bright, primary colors or a terrifying mascot, and lacks french fries. Yet, apparently McDonald's has indeed launched a health food cafe.

Located in Sydney, Australia, The Corner is far from a fast food burger joint. In fact, the newly opened eatery serves items like lentils, pulled pork, Moroccan chicken, tomato basil soup, coffee and craft sodas. It appears they're going for a more natural, fast-casual approach.


While The Corner does carry burgers, you can probably expect them to taste a bit different than their McDonald's counterparts.

No word yet on whether the US will see a similar store opening anytime soon.