Son Comes Out To His Father In This Tradition-Challenging McDonald's Ad

McDonald's Taiwan recently released a commercial that seriously tugging on our heartstrings. The ad shows a young man coming out to his father at a McDonald's.

We see the two men sitting together at the fast food restaurant.


The camera shifts to writing on a McCafe cup that roughly translates to:

I like men.

As the two sit in silence, the father abruptly gets up and leaves his son behind. The young man looks disheartened.



The father returns, however, takes out a pen and writes a response on his son's cup.

I accept that you like men.

Happiness ensues and father and child then enjoy their McCafe beverages together.

Seriously McDonald's, great commercial. Simple, sweet and moving. Sure beats that horrifying anthropomorphic Happy Meal box you had dancing around.

Video: McDonald's Taiwan , Translation: Sophia Hui