McDonald's Secret-Menu Chocolate Shamrock Shake Officially Joins The Menu


Around this time every year, McDonald's releases their iconic Shamrock Shake. The mint-flavored ice cream beverage boasts an emerald aesthetic and admittedly pretty smooth taste. This year, however, McDonald's decided to drop four new drinks to coincide with the release of the green milkshake.

Along with this year's return of the Shamrock Shake, comprised of vanilla soft-serve with green mint syrup, McDonald's has added the following:

The Chocolate Shamrock Shake, which boasts a layer of chocolate shake on the bottom half, with a top half comprised of Shamrock Shake. The drink, originally a secret menu item, has officially become a part of the seasonal shake menu.


A Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe that's blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and finished with whipped topping, green syrup drizzle, and green sugar crystals.

In the hot beverage end of the menu are the new Shamrock Hot Chocolate and the Shamrock Mocha which feature hot chocolate and mocha beverages combined with the Shamrock Shake syrup.

You can bet your pot of gold we'll be giving these new Shamrock drinks a fair shake. Bad puns aside, they do look pretty delicious.

Image: McDonald's